Fall of ignorance

lyrics 10. Nov. 2021

[Verse 1]
Lies and cheat and hate in your way
dealing blows below the belt
Best gain from playing dirty
Don’t let your foes even take a step
If someone tries to go against you
He will be controlled by one of your goons
‘cause you will never let anything
Stand between the success and you

I don’t want to know
Just how many corpses you’ve buried here
Do I really want to know
How far you’d go?

[Verse 2]
Those below, receive just kicks and commands
Never giving a damn
Those above, you cling and compromise
All in such a cute disguise
You just smile to have it your way
And then you snap your fingers
Anyone that falls under you spell
Will be your puppet henceforth

I don’t want to know
How many people you’ve corrupted so far.
Do I really want to know
How far you’d go?

You play your games with us
You just don’t give a fuck
About the lives you’ve destroyed in your wake?
You will not hesitate
to dump another man
as long as it fits your plan

[Verse 3]
Remember that our lives are entwined
And that there’s more than one of our kind
Someday you’ll find that ignorance
Has a price you’ll not be wiling to pay

I think that I want to know
What brings your fall in the end?
I really want to know
If you’ve learned anything?


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